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   Feb 03

Youth Perspectives Summit, February 15th

Youth Summit

Youth Perspectives/ Youth Innovation: Global Solutions. Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) is working with schools, environmental sustainability organizations, and professionals from the “S.T.E.M.” fields to create an interactive educational space for young people.

Perspectivas Juveniles / Innovación Juvenil: Solución Global. La Organización de Justicia Ambiental de la Villita (LVEJO) está trabajando con profesionales de “S.T.E.M.”, organizaciones comunitarias, escuelas, e instituciones de conservación ambiental para crear un espacio de educación interactivo para los jóvenes.

—–Registration Required—–

Youth Perspectives Summit
February 15th, 2014
9:30am – 12:00pm
Field Museum (Ward Lecture Hall)Transport is available/ Transporte en camión está disponible

For more information/Para más información:
Valentina Gamboa-Turner
(773) 671-9781


   Sep 25

16th Annual Celebration and Fundraising Dinner: “Si Se Pudo”

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
Invites Everyone!

“Si Se Pudo”Please join us for our 16th Annual Celebration and Fundraising Dinner “Si Se Pudo"

to commemorate LVEJO’s recent four victories:

1) the shutting down of two Coal Power Plants in Chicago;

2) the westend extension of the35th Bus Route to 31st Street;

3) the planning stages of Park # 533, a 24-acres open space park on 28th and S. Sacramento Ave.; and

4) building of a Hoop-House at the Troy Street Garden.
This celebration will take place on
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7pm
at La Concordia Restaurant -
3801 West 26th Street Chicago, IL 60623.

Donation $25

You can buy your tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets

Dance, Entertainment, Food,and Raffles!

For more information please contact us at events@lvejo.org

For Sponsorship opportunities

Follow this link to check the sponsorship packets for this event
(link to PDF called 16th Si se pudo Sponsorship Form)

   Jan 23

What Our Chicago River Tells Us

Written By: Kevin Alcaide

“One does not sell the Earth, upon which people walk” (Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota War Chief, 1875).

     The YAOTL group visited a prairie preserve by Ashland and 55th, in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. The purpose of the trip was to learn the History of the Chicago River. Adam Kessler, our tour guide, from the Al Raby/American Indian Center, explained reasons why the river is dark and polluted.

     “Our water is supposedly clean but they put a lot of chemicals in our water”, said Carolina Macias a member of YAOTL. As told by Adam Kessler, and validated as the history of the Chicago river, a place once filled with swamps, naturally filtrating the water along with the help of other plants.  However, the Europeans overlooked the essence of the swamps and prairie lands. Only viewing the land as profit, consequently raping the earth, destroying its natural cycle, along with nature’s balance. (more…)

   Jan 23

Public Transit and Working with Politicians

By: Brenda B.

This summer as part of my youth internship at LVEJO I worked with the Public Transit campaign. I have got to say I definitely did not know what to expect. It was the first time I had worked on that specific campaign so I had a lot to learn. The main priority for the summer was to get in touch with politicians to see how we could meet the sufficient funds that are needed to put the much needed 31st Street CTA bus back in service. CTA says that they do not have money to put this route in service, but through the JARC program we have gained the opportunity to put the proposed route in service temporarily if we can meet the sufficient federal funds. If the funds were not met by a certain date the grant money from the JARC program would be lapsed, luckily LVEJO was able to renew the grant. (more…)

   Jan 23

El Sitio Celotex…. Un Parque Seguro y Saludable Pa’ la Comunidad!

En Septiembre,  los organisadores  de LVEJO me dijieron  que la ciudad compró el sitio Celotex de la señora loca que era dueña. Fue un momento agridulce para mí, era dulce, porque “nosotros” por fin tenemos el terreno para construir el parque y amargo debido a que tomó cerca de seis años para comprar el sitio, y los 10 años desde que empezó la lucha para conseguir más parques en La Villita, sobre todo en la parte este de la comunidad. Esto fue un paso que nos pude más cerca de nuestro objetivo de un nuevo parque seguro  y saludable en La Villita, y una gran victoria de los vecinos del sitio Celotex por su resistencia y tenacidad.

La lucha por el sitio Celotex como parque se inició en verano de 2005 como una alternativa o una opción de construir un centro deportivo en La Villita, pero fue derribado por el comité pro-parque. Sin embargo, LVEJO siguió trabajando con los vecinos del sitio Celotex primero para limpiar sus casas de químicos que pueden causar cáncer, la segunda para limpiar el sitio para detener la contaminación en el futuro, y el tercero para construir un parque seguro y saludable en la comunidad en el sitio. Hemos tenido que luchar / protestar contra las grandes corporaciones, a veces con la EPA, y hasta la ciudad por arrastrar los pies sobre el asunto. Pero todo vale la pena al final porque estamos más cerca de la construcción de un parque seguro y saludable en La Villita. (more…)

   Nov 07

Youth go to Bioneers..

Bioneers was a chance to learn new things about topics we all can relate to, such as Food sovereignty and education. This event was made possible thanks to Peter Schwartzman a professor at Knox College. I’m thankful to Selene, the Urban Land Organizer  at LVEJO for inviting me on this trip.

The First speaker conveyed distress around the education system, she argued that our education system limits the amount of knowledge students receive in order to be sustainable, and centralize the ideas around how to deal if ever we run out of resources. (more…)

   Nov 07

Occupied with chicago ….

If you have access to any news source such as tv, newspapers, or the internet you have probably heard about the “Occupy Chicago” and other “Occupy” movements going on around the country that started from the “Occupy Wall-Street” protests in New York. These protests have been going on for a few weeks now, maybe even a month. Thousands of people are occupying busy streets of downtown, marching and protesting for change. There are many reasons I saw that people were protesting for, from education to housing to everything in between. The main reason that is the root of the problem is that the nation’s wealthiest 1% is controlling approximately 40% of the nation’s wealth. This 1% is getter increasingly wealthier all the time, with the help of the government, while the other 99% has to pay the price. Last week, I got a chance to experience the Occupy Chicago movement firsthand. (more…)