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   Nov 07

Youth go to Bioneers..

Bioneers was a chance to learn new things about topics we all can relate to, such as Food sovereignty and education. This event was made possible thanks to Peter Schwartzman a professor at Knox College. I’m thankful to Selene, the Urban Land Organizer  at LVEJO for inviting me on this trip.

The First speaker conveyed distress around the education system, she argued that our education system limits the amount of knowledge students receive in order to be sustainable, and centralize the ideas around how to deal if ever we run out of resources. As a child Karen Brown learned that diesel fuel was the best source of energy, and was said to be harmless. She spoke about the false solutions the government has in mind in case of catastrophe in this earth i.e. leaving to a different planet. Here she made it clear that running away won’t solve anything if nothing sustainable waits for us above, but rather we should change our education system so that it is possible to learn new ways of being sustainable “here on Earth” (Karen Brown, Revolutionizing k-12 education with sustainability in mind).

As part of the trip we visited the prairie, were we picked seeds to bring back home. We also learned that a diverse ecosystem is less vulnerable in this time of climate change. Things like having a personal garden, community garden creates a sanctuary of your own pesticides free, organic fruits and vegetables. This can also be called the food movement. In which case people decide to stop being forced to buy transported goods, which not only contribute to the pollution but are grown with many toxins.



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